Monday, January 31, 2011

Too old for fairy tales

The Little Guy looked around his bedroom recently and informed me, with his hands on his hips and in his most serious voice, "Mom, I am TOO OLD for fairy tales. We need to change this NOW."

This is the wallpaper border in his room, put up just two weeks before he was born. He's 7-3/4 now, so this statement wasn't entirely unexpected. And the rest of his room has been a mishmash for a while, with space posters, a Snoopy nightlight and an odd fleece blanket that he likes because it's soft, but it didn't match anything else in the room. See?

We started browsing catalogs and web sites to come up with a new theme. I had two rules: 1) no licensed characters, and 2) no red walls. He lobbied hard to change my mind on the second rule, but I don't like painting well enough to tackle red!

So, after much debate, he decided on an outer space theme and picked out this border:

Next, we headed to Joann's, 50% off coupons in hand, and he picked out this fleece:

To humor his request for "lots of red" (his favorite color), we picked red binding for the blankets and plain red fabric for window valances.

This week we started stripping off the old border and tested some new paint colors for the walls.

It's going to take at least another week or so to finish, but I'll be back to show off the finished project!

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